About us

Yvonne van Opdorp-de Wit , founder of “So U” has created an organization with an objective of achieving 'a statement through style'. Translated into product-design, lifestyle concepts for companies, interior design for domestic and commercial properties, also increasing the companies ‘ brand awareness’.

With many years of experience as sales-manager in the flower export and as Art-director for PTMD collections, home accessories, a company, where Yvonne was one of the founders( 1990), the working field is vast.

The mission at PTMD has been to create an identity which resulted in a style recognized throughout Europe. With as base the expression‘Stay true to yourself’ . The work during 20 years also included product-designing, buying, selling and distribution of home accessories.

With longstanding, international commercial contacts, living abroad and the ability to operate in Dutch, Spanish, French, German and English languages, gives ‘So U’ a strong commercial ability and to make a ‘concept of Style’.